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This wine is SO GOOD that I don’t want to stop and take notes. I’m too busy smelling it and drinking it and reveling in all that is excellent about Viognier.  I wrote about the same bottle last year and had I realized that, I wouldn’t have bothered to stop to take notes but since it arrived in my most recent club shipment, I ASSumed that it would be a more recent vintage. But that’s okay, because this one is so excellent, it actually deserves a second review, if for nothing else but to convince you to go buy your own bottle or 12.  Especially if you enjoy Viognier.  You can read my first review here. I will tell you that it’s not common for me to not want to take notes! I’m speaking of the 2007 Nelson Family Vienyards Viognier.  It had a cork closure, cost me $16.80 in a club shipment, and clocked in at 14.8% alcohol by volume.

I found the nose to be flowery with peaches, apricots, honey, spice, pears, orange blossoms, and lemons on the edges.  A scrumptious nose that you just want to dive into and swim around in…so enticing that you can’t wait to take a sip.  In the mouth I got peaches, pears, honey, lemons, spice, and soft orange flavors.  This wine had great citrus, excellent acidity, and nice clean fruit.  It’s an incredibly well done wine with fabulous aromatics and a delightful taste.  Enjoy a bunch this summer!


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  1. I agree heartily with your opinion of this wine, but their website says it is sold out. No chance to buy more!

  2. I had never had a Viognier until last week. One sniff and taste and I was hooked. What a refreshing and pleasant varietal. It could be one of only a few perfect summertime sippers…

  3. Oh is it Arlie? What a shame! I’m hoping they’ll have an 08 out soon!

    Hi Wine Road! I love a good Viognier. It’s not like anything else and makes a wonderful hot weather wine!

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