I See the Future

And the future is at David Coffaro.  In more ways than one.  Good wine, great prices, hilarious place.  Everything is bottled under screw cap for quite a few years now.  Oh, the barrel tasting!  I love it!!  As I’ve mentioned before, Coffaro sells most of his wine through his futures program.  The deals can’t be beat in my opinion.  Since I’m a club member, I get $3 off each bottle before it’s bottled, which results in tremendous savings.  I’m even thinking about buying 2009 futures without tasting…I’ve been pretty darn impressed with everything I’ve tasted, so I think I’m willing to take a risk and order…for around $12 a bottle, you can’t beat it!

We stopped by David Coffaro on our second full day in the area.  It topped my list of must visits as I wanted to secure my case of 2008 futures.  (Speaking of, I just finally opened my 2007 futures case and put it into our racks today!)  Plus, we wanted to go see Steve again, our friend from our visit last year since he needed a new picture of himself up here on the ol’ wine blog.  We tasted through the wines in barrel and had a few other things too when David Coffaro himself poked his head in.

2008 Fresco Dry Creek Valley Rosé: (In bottle.) Lime, cherry, strawberry, bright fruit, plum, strawberry, crisp, nice round, cherry. Merlot/Mourvedre blend.

The following are all in barrel:

2008 Zinfandel: Spice, herbs, dark, meaty, dark berries, vanilla, brown sugar, cherries, red berries, very nice.  Two bottles went into our futures case at $15 each.

2008 My Zin: 77% Zinfandel/23% Petite Sirah.  Dark fruit, blackberry, black currants, white pepper, tart fruit, spicy, peppery. One bottle went into our futures case at $15.

2008 Block 4: 50% Zinfandel/25% Petite Sirah/5% Peloursin/5% Syrah/5% Carginan/10% other. Chocolate, spice, pepper, brown sugar, milk chocolate, blueberry, red berries. We put 2 bottles into our futures case at $17 a bottle.

2008 Carignan: Black currants, plums, spice, spicy, pepper, red fruit in the mouth. Currently selling for $18.

2008 Estate Cuvee: Blueberry, brown sugar, spice, pepper, tart fruit, red in mouth, currants.

2008 Terre Melange: 50% Mourvedre/39% Peloursin/11% Grenache. Boysenberry, bright fruit, red fruit, red berries, blue fruit, tannins. We put one bottle into our case at $15.

2008 Escuro: 30% Petite Sirah/22% Lagrein/12% Tannat/9% Aglianico/9% Touriga/9% Souzao/9% Alvarelhao. Dark, spice, chocoalte, port like, raisins, blue fruit, dark, blac, blackberries, juicy, tannic.  We took 2 bottles for our case at $15 a bottle. (4 new grapes in this one! Up to 91 grapes now!!)

2008 Ultimate Cuvee: 44% Petite Sirah26% Zinfandel/8% Lagrein/7% Tannat/5% Carignan/5% Peloursin/5% Syrah.  Chocolate, tea, blueberries, red edges, nice berries, tannic, dark, so young! We put 1 bottle in our case at $21.

2008 Petite Sirah: Caramel, blue fruit, chocolate, lovely blue fruit, dark, yummy, red fruit, tannic. We took 3 bottles into our case at $15 a bottle.

In bottle:

2006 Escuro: 36% Cabernet Sauvignon/30% Tannat/20% Petite Sirah/14% Petite Verdot. Strawberry, rspberry, red fruit, spice, white pepper, chocolate syrup, darker in the mouth, blue, red berries, tannic.

2006 Dry Creek Valley Cabernet Sauvignon: $26. Strawberry, mint, herbs, dark, tannic, dark in the mouth, drying, blackberries, earthy, long fruit, needs a steak!