Rosé You Say?

It hasn’t taken us long to jump into the wines we purchased on our most recent CA trip.  I’ll attribute this at least partially to the fact that prior to the trip I had maybe 4 bottles of Rosé and 10 bottles of white wine left in the basement.  We brought home about a case of whites and Rosés and I was just too excited about new options to stop myself from diving right in.  The few we brought home will be dealt with in very short order, I’m afraid!  Tonight I chose the 2008 Mounts Family Winery Two Creeks Rosé.  It clocked in 14.1% alcohol by volume, had a plastic cork closure, and I believe cost us around $16.

On the nose I found watermelon, strawberries and cream, strawberry, cranberry, red fruit, blueberry, spice, white pepper, and flowers.  In the mouth I got strawberry, raspberry jello, cranberry, lime on the edges, and watermelon.  This is a completely bone dry Rosé, as crisp as could be with nice acidity and clean crisp fruit.  I could drink this wine all day on the porch on a hot summer day!


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  1. You just made my mouth water!

  2. Wine greetings from Holland!

  3. This is a fantastic Rose! When the sun comes back out, i’ts ready and waiting in my fridge…

  4. My trouble with Rose is that is is so hard to find in the local wine shops and most of what I do find has too much residual sugar…

    From your description, however, I will try to track this one down. It is so rare that I taste a Rose that I enjoy – mainly because of that aforementioned residual sugar problem…

  5. It was fabulous Claire!

    Thanks Vincent, hello to you too!

    Well it’s nice and warm here…maybe you should come visit Thea!

    Really Wine Road? Wow, I’ve never had any problem finding dry ones…I think your wine stores are carrying the wrong Rosés!

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