Wine Blog Spotlight On: Luscious Lushes

Today I continue my series spotlighting some of my favorite wine blogs .  I read a lot of wine blogs. Somewhere in the vicinity of 400-500 a day (if they post that often). I subscribe to almost every wine blog out there because I want to see what’s going on with everyone across the board.  Some haven’t posted in months, some post every day, and others in between.  Thank god for Google Reader!  Out of all those wine blogs, today I want to tell you about my friend Thea who writes Luscious Lushes

Thea comes under my spotlight today for several reasons, but in particular, I want to call her out today and give her the credit she deserves for her work on the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship.  Not only does Thea write an amazingly funny wine blog, but she’s been the driving force behind the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship.  Without her, it wouldn’t exist, and a bunch of really worthy wine bloggers would not be getting the chance to attend the conference this summer.

Beyond her tireless work recently on this effort, Thea is a cheerleader for all things wine, bloggers, and social media.  She’s been my partner in crime for several memorable days of terrorizing Napa and Sonoma, writes a fabulous blog, and she loves Pinot Noir.  Luscious Lushes chronicles only a small fraction of Thea’s adventures.  To get the full picture, you need to read her blog and follow her on Twitter where she may just be the most prolific wine twitterer out there.  If there’s a wine event within a few hours of San Francisco, you can pretty much guarantee that Thea will be in attendance.  If you can’t see her, you can still probably hear her infectious laughter from a mile away.

Thea is a laugh a minute and her true love and passion for wine come through in all her interactions with the wine community.  Not to mention, Thea knows everyone.  If you are interested in wine, and you don’t know Thea, you should really seek her out and get a glimpse into her wine-soaked world.  Add her to your feed reader, and you won’t be disappointed!


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  1. Awwww gosh! Thanks friend! I’m just living my life and loving my wine!

    I’m glad you guys enjoy my random meanderings 😀

    It’s true that I get very enthusiastic about things I believe in – the WBC, the Scholarship, and Social Media for wine.

    Thanks for believing in me!

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