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Last week I wrote about part one of our visit to Judd’s Hill.  I still owe you a post on the most kick-ass bbq fun ever but that will have to wait for a day when it’s not so nice out and I’m more motivated to sit on my couch and type up a report.  It’s BEAUTIFUL here today, mid-70s, sunny, couldn’t ask for nicer weather.  These days are few and far between in our neck of the woods, so I’m taking advantage while I can.  We’re actually hosting a BBQ and Rosé tasting ourselves tonight!  But today I want to tell you a little bit more about one of the wines that came home with us from Judd’s Hill.  Now, as I mentioned before, the Sauvignon Blanc was bottled the day we were at Judd’s Hill.  I tried to buy some, but Judd said the bottling day special was “buy none, get two free” and wouldn’t take my money for them. (Don’t worry, I bought lots of other wines…I think we ended up with almost a full case of wine from Judd’s Hill!)  So we decided to pop the (plastic) cork on the 2008 Judd’s Hill Sauvignon Blanc, clocking in at 13.5% alcohol by volume and normally retailing for $22.

Grapefruit, grapefruit, grapefruit! The grapefruity citrus just jumps out of the glass, in fact, I wrote in my notes “grapefruity to the max!”  I also got lemon, peach, grass, orange blossoms, flowers, and some other miscellaneous citrus.  In the mouth I found ruby grapefruit, pineapple, lime, white peach, tropical notes, and an overall citrus sense.

I served this wine with parmesan baked tilapia, fresh sweet corn, and rice.  It made a great match with the tilapia (my favorite way to cook tilapia) and we also really enjoyed it after dinner.  While the wine had crisp elements, it was also well-rounded and easy to drink.  A definite bet for this summer!


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  1. Sounds like a great wine…great fish…and a great pairing. Would you be willing to share your recipe for the tilapia?

  2. Your meal looks delicious and perfectly coordinated with the wine. The colors even match!

  3. Hi Alleigh, sure, it’s super simple! I dip the fillets in skim milk, then coat with break crumbs and put in a baking pan. I sprinkle the tops with fresh shredded parmesan and then bake at 350 for about 25!

    Hi Devin-Thanks for stopping by! It was a good pairing!

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