Round Three With Chile

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks for Wines of Chile.

I’m starting to sing that song “Then after 3 rounds with Jose Cuervo…” as I’m writing these posts today.  Continuing on the line up for the web-based Wines of Chile tasting, we next opened the 2006 Los Vascos Reserve.  This wine is a blend of 65% Cabernet Sauvignon, 20% Carmenere, 10% Syrah, and 5% Malbec.  It had a cork closure and retails for $20.99.  This one was a tough call for me.  On night one, I wasn’t blown away, but on night two, this one knocked my socks off. I loved it. I’d say this came in as number 3 of the night for me, after I re-tasted it on night two!

On the nose I found chocolate, spice, cedar chest, blackberry, black currant, black fruit, strawberry, herbs, sage, pepper, mint, leather, and green peppers.  In the mouth I got flavors of blackberry, raspberry, black cherry, spice, herbs, and a mix of red and black fruit.  I found this to be tight and tannic on the first night, but it had nice acidity and tart fruit.  On night two, this smoothed, the fruit was still tart, but it had all integrated really well.  At $20.99 this is a steal and a great buy.


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  1. At $20.99 every wine should knock your socks off. Great review.

  2. Thanks Ashley!

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