Round Four With Chile

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks for Wines of Chile.

By this point in the evening, wine four, I was ready to stop. I wanted to spend more times with the wines, I thought they deserved more than the few minutes the format allowed us to have.  Up fourth, the 2007 Santa Carolina Reserva Familia Carmenere. It had a real cork closure and retails for $14.99.  Carmenere was the first Chilean red wine I’d ever had, and I’ve gone back to it again and again since then.  The Chileans really know what they are doing with this grape!

On the nose I found blackberry, plum, dark fruit, spice, herbs, pepper, peppers, and star anise.  I thought this nose seemed really spicy! I wrote down based on what the winemaker said that this is a 100% Carmenere, but the tasting note sheet the Wines of Chile people sent says it has 5% Petite Verdot blended in. In the mouth I got flavors of black fruit, black currants, plums, and black cherry.  Like the nose, the mouth was really spicy. It also seemed very dry, with lots of tannins, and good acidity.

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