Love Potion Number 9


Whenever I see this wine, I start singing that song in my head. In case you haven’t noticed, singing to myself is a theme around here…I almost always have a tune in my head and it gets stuck there.  At least I’m not singing “Video killed the radio star…” this time, which appeared to be a catching one to get stuck on 😉  The wine for the evening: Sokol Blosser Evolution #9 Edition 12.  This wine is a blend of 9 different wines in various proportions, some of which have added to my Century Club application in the past! I picked this bottle up for around $12.99 at Total Wine and More in Alexandria, plus, I had a coupon for $15 off a $100 purchase, which I took advantage of.  The wine hails from Oregon, clocks in at 12% alcohol by volume, and boasts a real cork closure.  I’ve had this wine in the past, though not since I started the blog, and I’ve always enjoyed it…I used to pay a lot more than $12.99 at a local shop!


On first pouring a glass, I noted that the wine is very aromatic…white flowers jump out and grab you, pulling you into the glass.  I also found pear, peach, apple, slight lemon, and spice on the nose.  To me, it smelled as if the nose might have been heavily influenced by the Gewurztraminer in the blend.  In the mouth I got flavors of pear, lemon, green apple, white pepper, a touch of honey, and some spice.  Overall, I found the wine to be crisp and light and I think it would really well with a nice white fish.  It would also be perfect for some summer-time wine drinking!


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  1. Thank you for the glowing review of Evolution! We are very proud of this blend and it’s always so great to hear when folks are out enjoying the wine that we work so hard on. Personally, I enjoy it best with a little spicy Thai food – they compliment each other beautifully!

    Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do for you. We enjoy following your Twitter feed, too. Keep up the good work!


    Kitri McGuire
    Marketing Communications Manager
    Sokol Blosser Winery

  2. Hello Sonadora! Been a reader for a while, keep meaning to comment… definitely agree on the Evolution… a great, friendly wine… especially with summer coming.

    I believe you’re a fellow Virginians (transplant)… perhaps we’ll cross paths out on the wine trail or at one of the festivals.

    Frank Morgan

  3. Thanks for the tip; I’ve been liking everything I’ve come across from Oregon lately.. Witness Tree Pinot, anything from Soter, and most recently a fantastic pinot from Scott Paul Wines. The list goes on and on. And by the way, before he got into wine, the guy behind Scott Paul worked in the music business in radio. He might (or might not) appreciate a few bars of ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’…!

  4. Reading this post was like hearing about an old friend I now want to revisit. I have had loved this wine as an offbeat offdry “splendid blended” for many years. Remarkably food-flexible as well.

    ANother point about Evolution: it is almost impossible to notice what with the groovy, graphic label, but the wine is non-vintage. S-B obviously committed to that sort of production plan early on, probably to ensure blending consistency, and I have never noticed much variation. If I recall correctly, bottles carry an “edition” number rather than vintage year.

    You got a great price there at Total Wine. I have seen it no lower than $15 around NY.

  5. I really enjoy Sokol Blosser wines. The Evolution is wonderful, & so is their Meditrina! However, we recently picked up their Pinot Noir at a tasting with one of the family members…we simply couldn’t resist it. It’s about $32 or so, but so very, very lovely…

  6. Thanks for all the comments! I guess this is a really popular wine!

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