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Today we continue my series spotling some of my favorite wine blogs around the net.  To date, I’ve brought you Caveman Wines, Wino Sapien, Brooklyn Guy, Wine Camp, and Luscious Lushes.  In this installment, I present to you my friend John, who writes the wine blog Anything Wine.

Borrowed from Anything Wine!

Now, I’ve “known” John for quite some time.  He started Anything Wine just a few months before I put keyboard to blog post and put up Wannabe Wino and he was among the bloggers I read from the beginning of my wine blog reading days.  Back in the day, John didn’t post as frequently, but in the last two years he’s hit a stride of pretty regular posting.  I first met John in real life at the DC International Wine and Food Festival where we made our way through an ever-growing crowd.  Then, he and his wife (also a Megan spelled the right way!) came to my house for a party and later that fall I saw John again at the Wine Blogger Conference.

Besides being a wine blogger, John has a lot of wine experience to share with all of us.  He recently passed the test to become a Certified Specialist of Wine, he works at a wine shop, and his family owns a winery in Virginia.  John does a really great job of presenting a varied view of the wine world to us.  One day, he’s telling us about a Virginia winery, the next a bargain wine, and the next a bit of interesting wine news.

John enjoys many of the same wines I do, and he has a quick and easy way of getting across his notes on a bottle.  In his reviews, he always tries to tell you a little bit about he winery he’s talking about, which I always appreciate.  All in all, John’s a great read over on Anything Wine and you should add him to your feed reader to enjoy continuous updates!


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  1. I like your blog! I like all those wines you are showing. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  2. Hey Megan
    Thanks for the spotlight!! 🙂 Sorry we won’t be seeing each other at WBC09. 😦

    Talk to ya soon.

  3. Thanks Kim.

    No problem John, my pleasure! Yes, sad you won’t make it this year 😦

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