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I recently went by the Total Wine looking for some cheap summer wines…pretty much all whites and Rosés. I’ll be heading back for repeats of some of them and to pick up another case just as soon as another coupon arrives in the mail!  I managed to pick up 10 bottles of wine for $94 after the last coupon I got! We went through the first ten really fast, what with a Memorial Day block party and a Rosé tasting at the house.  One of those bottles, the 2008 Bougrier Sauvignon Blanc hails from the Loire Valley, had a screw cap closure, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and cost me around $9 at Total Wine.

On the nose I found lemon, lime, pineapple, citrus, tropical notes, and white peach.  A fairly light and simple nose.  In the mouth I found round tropical fruits, pineapple, sweet peach, orange, and lots of lemon and lime.  The mouth seemed a lot sweeter than I expected it to be and the fruit was full and lush. While it was tasty and easy to drink, and I found it to be pleasant, it didn’t really seem like Sauvignon Blanc to me. It wasn’t crisp, it wasn’t minerally…so a little odd!


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  1. Nice post! I am always looking for deals and have been trying to focus more on french whites. I assume you’ve already met Greg Tuttle of Total wine (@total_wine on twitter). At any rate, I am also finding a lot of deals for whites in the Burgundy, Alsace and Loire regions elsewhere. A recent trip resulted in a case averaging less than $15 per bottle. Now that we’ve hit the summertime in the Southeast, the chilled whites are most refreshing and I recently brought some with me on a weekend Mountain Biking trek and had my friends help me pick the top 3 most “refreshing” after a day of sweatin’ and ridin’ posted here: http://bit.ly/MTB_Wine

    Anyway, thanks for the “value” find.

  2. Also been looking for summer wine deals. Did not consider French Sauv/Blanc. Been stocking up on NZ. I do like other French whites, but have had some bad experiences with their Sauv/Blancs.
    Don’t have Total Wines in NY. Can’t wait to get down to Alexandria again to stock up.

  3. Hi Ed-Yep, met Greg! Fun post!

    Joe-It’s not something that’s usually on my radar either. But I think I’ll try some more!

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