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With the Wine Blogger Conference just 32 days away, I continue to offer thanks to those companies who generously donated to the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship Fund.  Without their donations, the conference would have been short the 11 wine bloggers we were able to fund, and all would have been worse off without their presence.  It’s important to get a wine array of wine blog authors at this conference, and the donations of companies like Click Media Works have made that possible.

Click Media Works is a team of professional writers and editors providing communications services to businesses.  The company offers everything from writing workshops to brochure construction.  A full media solutions organization, Click Media Works has assembled a team of PR folks, editors, journalists, and others who can help provide a media strategy for your business. If you’re in the market for these services, take a look at what Click Media Works has to offer!

Many thanks to Click Media Works for their generous support of our fellow wine bloggers through their donation to the WBC Scholarship Fund.


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