Pulling Into the Station

On my Total Wine and More bargain hunting trip, I tried to vary the wines I purchased outside of my “head straight to Sauvignon Blanc, do not pass go” regime that I usually follow when shopping there.  I know bargain whites exist in other grapes, so I wanted to branch out a bit.  With that in mind, I grabbed the 2008 Mendoza Station Torrontes from Argentina.  I think the price tag on this one was only $5.99, I think it had a plastic cork, and it clocked in at 13% alcohol by volume.

My first note for this one says “something is odd.” I’ve seen this one touted around the web as a fabulous bargain. So maybe I had an off bottle or something, but I kept getting whiffs and the taste of something slightly plasticy or tinny. It just kept throwing me off as I tasted it.  Oh well.  As I got past that, I found peaches and cream, white flowers, tropical notes, jasmine, honeysuckle, and white pepper.  In the mouth I got citrus, lime, lemon, star fruit, jasmine, perfume.  It almost tasted too perfumey.  I know, I shouldn’t complain for $5. But….


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  1. Hey,
    Alcohol is bad for health.

  2. I hate when I find that plasticy or tinny taste in a bottle of wine. That’s a real shame for this one, Torrontes from Mendozza usually have great potential.


  3. I might have had a bad bottle Randy…I’ve read good things about this one!

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