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30 Days until the Wine Blogger Conference! Wahoo! If you didn’t get to sign up for this year, MAKE SURE TO REGISTER FIRST THING next year!  Don’t say I didn’t warn you…the conference size increased by 75 participants this year and yet there is still a waiting list.  That’s why I registered the day the announcement was made! Lucky for our Scholarship Recipients, and thanks to the generous donations of companies like Wark Communications, we were able to get 11 wine bloggers sponsored and registered before the conference sold out.  Without the kind support of companies like Wark Communications who believe wine blogs are important, we wouldn’t have been able to fund the scholarship winners and we all would have been worse off without their presence at the WBC.

If you’re in the wine world and you haven’t heard about Wark Communications, Tom Wark, or Fermentation…well, perhaps you’ve been living under a rock.  Tom Wark has long been a wine blog champion, having been continuously writing Fermentation since October 2004, making it one of the longest running wine blogs out there.  Wark Communications is Tom’s Public Relations Firm, located in Sonoma.  Wark Communications provides services ranging from product launches to event management and everything in between, targeted specifically to meet the needs of the wine industry.  So if you are in need of that type of service, be sure to check out Wark Communications.

Many thanks to Wark Communications for their generous donation to the WBC Scholarship Fund.


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  1. Thanks Tom and everyone @ Wark Comm!

  2. Sondora,

    Thanks very much. That’s kind of you! By the way, started Fermentation in October 2004.

    Thanks again. Go Bloggers!!

  3. My mistake Tom, I looked at the archives in your side bar and it only goes back to May 05!

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