The Wine Blogger Conference is 28 days away! 28 days! Less than a month! Who is excited???? I AM! (Ya know, in case you couldn’t tell…) I love getting together with my fellow wine blog authors, shooting the breeze, drinking some good wine, hosting anti-conferences (if you ask me nicely, I’ll tell you about this year’s plans….) etc.  11 wine bloggers will have the opportunity to attend this year due to generous donations from companies like Cruvee.  Without their support, some really great wine blog folks would not be attending this year.

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Many thanks to Cruvee for their kind support of the Wine Blogger Scholarship Fund!


It’s Mourvedre!

Now here’s a grape I don’t see a lot of as a stand alone wine.  I see a lot of it blended in small amounts into other wines, but rarely do I get one labeled as Mourvedre. I love it though, and tend to squeal with excitement when I see it on a winery’s tasting list! And if I see it and they aren’t pouring, I try hard to make friends with the host so he or she might give me a little taste. I almost always buy some when I see it, so it’s worth it to give me just a little taste….!  Tonight I chose the 2005 Navarro Mourvedre. I bought this at the winery on our 2008 CA trip, but it wasn’t on the tasting menu so I didn’t get the price written down.  It clocked in at 13.6% alcohol by volume and had a real cork closure.  I want to say I paid $26 for it, but don’t quote me on that!

On the nose I found smoke, juicy fruit (the gum), mulberry, blackberry, blueberry, pepper, and cedar. Despite all that, I would still describe the nose on the wine as reserved; it took quite some time for the aromas to emerge, and the wine was served at cellar temperature.  In the mouth I got blueberry, mulberry, pomegrante, cranberry, sandalwood, anise, and tart red fruit.  This wine has great acidity and structure, I’d love to try it with a roast beef or a tri-tip!