Duck Duck Duck Zin!

I recently found a butcher near our house and I am SO excited. I really missed having someone to order meat from and to cut what I want exactly like I want it to be cut.  So I stopped by the butcher and picked up a couple fresh duck breasts. YUM! Matt played chef for the evening and made seared duck breast with a Zinfandel fig reduction sauce. We chose the 2004 Foppiano Zinfandel to both make the sauce and drink with out dinner.  I purchased this at the winery in 2008 for $15, it had a real cork closure, and clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume.

This sat out on the table open for about 4 hours and it still seemed really hot right off the bat. It took a while for the alcohol to integrate into the wine.  After a while, I went back to the wine and found brown sugar, blackberries, pepper, herbs, spice, grape hard candy, and vanilla cream on the nose.  In the mouth I thought the wine was grapey.  I also got berries, spice, pepper, vanilla, cedar, and chocolate.  Overall, the wine was smooth and is probably at its prime.


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  1. Foppiano makes great wine! We recently had a bottle of the Lot 96, which is a blend of about 6 or 7 varietals. Mostly Sangiovese. Yum…& only about $14 or $15.

  2. I love their PS Claire. We had a good visit there last year.

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