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*Disclaimer: I received this as a sample from Lange Twins Winery

I love Viognier.  LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!  I’m always so excited to get Viognier in the mail, something a little bit different than the standard Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio that people tend to send me.  I recently reviewed and liked the Lange Twins Petite Verdot/Petite Sirah blend, so I was happy to get a bottle of the limited edition 2008 Lange Twins Viognier in the mail a couple weeks ago.  The wine had a screw cap closure (which I actually didn’t realize until I tried to use my foil removed on the foil and started cutting into the screw cap…), clocked in at 14.9% alcohol by volume, and retails for $16. (But it’s really limited, so you should go buy some. Now. It’s really good. Go. Now.)

On the nose I found peach, pear, flowers, nectarines, white pepper, tinned pears, honeysuckle, and lemon.  This had a FABULOUS nose! I kept smelling and smelling and smelling and Matt kept draining his glass. In the mouth I got lime, honey, peach, pear, lemon, spiced pears, tropical fruit, and spice.  The wine had a great round mouthfeel, but was still really refreshing.  I could easily see how Matt’s glass had a hole in it!

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  1. Sounds awesome… I love the aromatics of a good Viognier… I’ll have to try this… thanks!

  2. Isn’t that nose awesome? It filled the entire cellar during winemaking.

    Glad you enjoyed it – when is Matt going to weigh in on reviews, since he is definitely ‘participating’ in the tastings?🙂




  4. I loved it too!
    Great wine, great people.

  5. […] IT! Hi! Stay up to date with all our latest news by subscribing to the RSS feed!Megan aka “Wannabe Wino” LOVES Viognier – and I can see why.  Once in awhile, it’s nice to switch things […]

  6. Ed, you should try this one, it’s great!

    I can’t even imagine Joe, must have been heavenly! Maybe someday Matt will do a blog…not his thing though, he just got on FaceBook last week!!

    Thanks Randy and Wine Harlots.

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