Travessia Urban Winery

21 Days!! Only 21 Days until the Wine Blogger Conference in Santa Rosa! Last year was a blast and I am very much looking forward to sipping a few glasses with my fellow wine blog authors again this year!  Thanks to companies like Travessia Urban Winery, and their generous contribution to the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship Fund, I, and everyone else, will get to enjoy the company of 11 wine blog folks who wouldn’t have been able to make the trip otherwise.  We are all quite grateful for the support of Travessia Urban Winery and others.

I had actually come into contact with Travessia Urban Winery before they donated to the Scholarship Fund. I offered some (free) thoughts on wine clubs when they were working on developing their wine club! Travessia is located in New Bedford, MA and makes wines from 100% MA grown grapes! Now, I’ve never had a wine from MA, so that’s pretty interesting to me!  Travessia is a relatively new winery, having just opened to the public this past December.  Travessia is looking to expand in the future by purchasing land in MA to grow their own grapes!.  So head on over to the website and check them out!

Many thanks to Travessia Urban Winery for their generous support of the Wine Blogger Conference Scholarship Fund!


Looking for Low Alcohol Wines

Now, in general, I don’t rant one way or another on high alcohol wines. In my mind, as long as the alcohol is in balance with everything else, it’s a-ok with me.  However, there are times when I specifically seek out lower alcohol wines.  Among those times is the summer…I often want to enjoy a glass or two with friends in the backyard in the middle of the afternoon and I don’t want to be drinking something at 16%+ at say 4pm. Also, if I’m going to be physically exerting myself but still want some wine, I’d prefer something with lower alcohol.  As you may or may not know, since I’m not sure I mentioned it here, Matt and I went off to the Smoly Mountains this week for a summer vacation.  We hiked, tubed, horseback rode, swam, basically just found outselves being much more active than we usually are.  But we were on vacation and still wanted wine, so I sought out low alcohol wines to take with us.  The first? A 2008 Sincerely Sauvignon Blanc from South Africa. It had a screw cap, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and I paid $10.99 for it at a shop in DC whose name escapes me at the moment.

On the nose I found lime, green pepper, grapefruit, tropical notes, gooseberries, lemon, and white pepper.  In the mouth I got lime, pepper, lemon, kiwi, gooseberry, and grapefruit.  This wine worked perfectly for my purposes: relatively low alcohol, crisp, refreshing, and really good after a day of hiking in 94 degree weather!  I give the wine two thumbs up as an after-hiking wine!