Giddy Up Bubbly!

Especially after a long hot horseback ride in the Tennessee Mountains!  On our recent vacation, this bottle met my criteria of being low alcohol and supposedly having a cork I could remove without a corkscrew.  Well, that last bit was TOTALLY wrong, but the rest worked out! I removed the foil from the bottle only to discover that it had a real cork, not a Champagne closure! Oops! Thankfully I found a corkscrew in the cabin.  The wine I picked as a pick-me-up after a tiring day?  The NV Riondo Prosecco Frizzante from Italy.  It clocked in at 10.5% alcohol by volume and cost me $12.99 at a shop close to work.  I see you can buy it for $10 on the internet, which is a fabulous deal!

On the nose I got flowers, lemon, honey, pear, apple, and bread.  In the mouth I found pear, green apple, a touch of honey, and apple cider.  This isn’t a complicated wine or one to ponder but for $10, it’s a great sparkling wine at a low alcohol content that would go great as a before dinner drink or just to sip on the porch on a hot day.  Drink up!


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  1. Ooooo… I *love* Proseccos. We like these easy-to-get-along-with wines best as an apéritif because they are just so fruity, light, and friendly . And most fall into that darn-affordable category, even in our market.



  2. Sorry this is totally off topic (although I love wine, and live in France almost because of how much I love wine). Just had to say – please please wear a riding hat. I broke my back riding horses just over 3 months ago – not enough to paralyse me but inconvenient enough… if I hadn’t been wearing a hat then I would also have cracked my skull and be even worse off…
    Happy wine tasting.

  3. I agree Kathleen!

    Hi LittleMe, sorry to hear about your accident! We were just posing for a pic here, we had helmets, we were about to dismount!

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