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*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Artisan Family of Wines.

Petite Sirah! Petite Sirah! Petite Sirah! Well, Petite Sirah is a quick way to my heart, I love the stuff! We opened up the 2007 Seven Artisans Petite Sirah the other night, clearly killing it in its infancy.  Poor wine.  It’s a baby.  The parts are there, but they need time to meld together.  After 3-4 hours in my glass, the wine showed some of its potential, but probably could have used a night in the decanter.  The Seven Artisans hails from the Suisun Valley, clocks in at 14.9% alcohol by volume, has a real cork closure, and retails for $17.99.

On the nose I got blueberries, cream, blackberries, blue fruit, pie, vanilla, blueberry cobbler, fruit punch, more blue fruit and blueberries…more blueberries, blueberries, and blueberries.  After this got going, it was extremely aromatic and yummy smelling.   In the mouth I found fresh tart blueberries, blackberry, raspberries, more red fruit on the edges, bittersweet chocolate, anise, some more raspberries and blue fruit o the finish.  This had tannins to spare…so decant.  Or stick it in the basement for a couple years.  Yum!


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  1. Dark fruits FTW! But no, you couldn’t save it for tomorrow :-p

  2. Artisans > Bears


  3. I have found very few Petite’s that I have loved. I often find the a bit too over the top for my liking. I find it hard to find one with great balance. I guess if I’m in the mood for an over extracted, chunky, and somewhat clumsy wine then this type of wine usually does the trick. Perhaps with some BBQ! Cheers!

  4. Sorry Loweeel….I have another one (not this brand) that we can taste tonight!

    I think the trick with PS Blog Wine Cellar, is that really young it can show its parts. Try one that’s been bottled for 5-7 years, maybe it will change your mind!

  5. Will do, in fact I tasted on a few weeks ago that was amazing and it just so happens that it had about 5 years on it. Cheers!

  6. Hey there…

    I am new to this wine thing…but I am learning…and I was reading the notes and wanted to make some suggestions on Petite Sirah that are my favorites…

    Judd’s Hill
    Mounts Family

    Not necessarily in that order except for the first two…hehehe I can drink the whole bottle for dinner and look at the bottom of my glass and say, “Who drank all the wine…?” hehehehe

    I love Petite Sirah…

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