St. Supery +TTL = FUN!

This post is LONG overdue. I had some great momentum coming off my last trip to CA in April, and I got out a bunch of posts from the 5 day trip pretty quickly. Then I petered out.  I’m sorry! I still have several more winery visits to talk about from the trip and I will try to get them up here in short order!  However, tonight at 6pm est is the St. Supery Twitter Taste Live and I just felt I should get my post up about it before I go twittering away about their wines this evening!

On our last day in Napa, Thea, Matt, and I did a whilrwind tour of 5 different wineries.  One of them was St. Supery.  Thea had visited St. Supery earlier that spring for a blogger day and thought we shoud see it too, so off we went.  Even though St. Supery was our last stop, at the end of the day, it was absolutely packed! Amazing to me…Napa is just SO different than Sonoma to me.  Though I guess the fact that it was a Saturday probably didn’t help, tour buses were crawling everywhere.  And good samaritan Thea spotted a pile of wallets, cash, and cell phones just sitting on a retaining wall as we walked in to St. Supery and turned it in at the tasting bar.  Some poor tourist probably got back to his hotel and paniced!

I didn’t get too many photos at St. Supery since it was so crowded. Sorry!  That said, the tasting room is quite spacious…there were just that many people there.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time and enjoying themselves, as we did!

2006 Virtú White Wine: $28. Grapefruit, tropical notes, cream, lemon, guava, passion fruit. Nice. We took home 2.

2006 Rosé: $20. Smells like port, raisins, dried plums, lime, tastes like port, chocolate.

2002 Merlot: $27. Plum, spice, cedar, pepper, smoke, green pepper, tomato vine, black fruit.

2005 Petite Verdot: Blue fruit, smoke, pepper, really nice, red fruit, berries, blackberries, inky, licorice.  We bought one.

2000 Limited Edition Dollarhide Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon: $85. Blackberry, cedar, spice, coffee, red notes, plums, oak.

2005 Élu: $65. 75% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 3% Petite Verdot, 3% Cabernet Franc. Pepper, smoke, espresso, chocolate, blackberries, black cherry.  Very nice.

Matt poses with the car we drove all week!

Matt poses with the car we drove all week!

All in all a fun tasting. I wish it had been a bit quieter so I could have asked the litany of questions I usually ask about wineries when we are there, but oh well.  We picked and chose what we wanted to taste….the list was quite exhaustive.  Tonight at the TTL, we have the Sauvignon Blanc, the white Virtú, the Moscato, and a Cabernet Sauvignon.  We are having a bunch of people over tonight, who don’t yet know that they get to geek out alongside me 🙂 so hopefully they won’t mind too much!


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  1. The usual strong post. Really great insight and background on some of their wines leading up to the Twitter Taste Liive event tonight. Good stuff!

  2. Thanks Michael! I thought it was an appropriate post for today!

  3. Sounds like a good visit! I went to a St. Supery tasting dinner last month, I recall esepcailly liking their Sauv Blanc–is the Virtu SB based?

  4. The Virtú is a SB ans Semillion blend.

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