Lawn Bowling. Kind of. And Wine.

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Michel Schlumberger.

Michel Schlumberger recently released a new second label called Petanque. Petanque is a French game that I sorta equate with Bocce. A little different I guess, but I’m not quite so sure since I’ve never played! But the idea behind the line is that they are wines you’d enjoy while playing a leisurely game with friends. Nothing to ponder, just something to drink while hanging out.  We tried the 2006 Petanque Syrah the other night with bacon blue cheese burgers. It retails for $12.95 a bottle, has a plastic cork, and clocks in at 14.4% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found spicy plums, blackberries, chocolate, pepper, black currants, and oak.  In the mouth I got plums, blackberry, black fruit, raspberry, spice, and pepper, along with a good dose of oak.  It went fabulously with the burgers, the oak seemed to do well with the grilled food.  We served the second bottle this weekend with bbq ribs and chicken and it was gone in an instant!


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  1. Disclaimer, I work for Michel Schlumberger.

    Megan, I think you are one of the brightest most astute and unbelievable accurate wine reviewers that has ever lived. Your portrayal of Petanque’ wine as the singularly greatest wine ever produced is probably a bit more than we expected but….oh wait….you didnt write that? Oh, you thought it was great with ribs and burgers….oh, I see.

    We at Petanque love that you reviewed our wine in time for a great Bastille Day celebration and are very happy that you enjoyed the wines. We make serious wines with a great deal of fun and joy. It shows in everything we do.

    See you at WBC09.

    Jim, Sonomawineguy

  2. Lol Jim. See you in a week!!!!

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