Announcing WBW #60: I Have Zinned

Many Happy Returns to Wine Blogging Wednesday! This August, when I get the honor and pleasure of hosting for the second time, is the 5th birthday of WBW! Lenn of Lenndevours deserves some huge credit for starting the tradition 60 months ago.  That’s older than most wine blogs around today, so for it to have survived the comings and wbwlogogoings of original participants, the proliferation of wine blogs and wine social networks, and everything else that’s changed in the last five years is a testament to how many wine lovers enjoy this event every month.

In case you are new to the world of wine blogs, WBW is a once monthly event where a host blogger (that’d be me) sets a theme and bloggers and wine enthusiasts from around the world choose a wine to meet the theme.  The host then rounds up the posts in some fashion so everyone can discover some new blogs and visit with old friends to see their takes on the theme.

Zin fangirls (and guys), Zin Freaks, and even those of you who aren’t so sure about Zin, get ready! The theme for this 5th birthday of WBW is “I Have Zinned.”  Nothing too crazy there. It’s summer and I’m not sure about the rest of you, but we are grilling and BBQing almost every night here at the Wannabe Wino household.  Zinfandel is my absolute favorite wine to pair with grilled foods and bbq, so in honor of the height of grilling season, I’m asking everyone to pull out a Zinfandel, throw something on the grill (or the Foreman or in a pan if you don’t have either), and tell me about your favorite grilled or BBQ’d food and how it goes with Zinfandel.

The deadline to submit is August 12th.  You can leave a comment here or shoot me an email at with a link to your blog post. As always, if you don’t have a blog and would like to play along, send me an email with your write up and I’ll toss it up as post here. I’m hoping for some record participation for the 5th Birthday event, so don’t let me down!

Boys and girls, get Zinning!


A Repeat Winner

I must sound like a broken record with this wine. Here’s the review of the 2007. And the 2006.  But really, it is my absolutely favorite Michel Schlumberger wine year to year. Of course….I don’t drink the Cabernet Sauvignon in my club shipments because I’m gathering a 10 year vertical to serve….well, it will have to be in a few years because I currently have 1998 through 2005. I’m almost there.  Don’t you want to be my friend when I pop that open? Totally off point though. I picked the 2008 Michel Schlumberger Pinot Blanc to drink this evening. I’d been ITCHING to open it since it arrived in one of my recent club shipments.  The Pinot Blanc sports a real cork closure, clocks in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and I believe it retails for $21, though I got it in a club shipment and every M-S club shipment is $50 regardless of what’s in the box.

On the nose of the Pinot Blanc I found sweet ripe pear, white peach, white pepper, a hint of honey, spice, lemon, honeysuckle, and white flowers.  I liked this wine so much last year that I put it in the Summer Sipper Wine Blog Pack I helped design for Jill.  In the mouth the wine showed lemon, peach, honey, ripe pear, ripe apple, melon, and a little essence of apple cider.  Overall, it’s crisp, light, and consistently delivers a bottle of wine that I love.