Announcing WBW #60: I Have Zinned

Many Happy Returns to Wine Blogging Wednesday! This August, when I get the honor and pleasure of hosting for the second time, is the 5th birthday of WBW! Lenn of Lenndevours deserves some huge credit for starting the tradition 60 months ago.  That’s older than most wine blogs around today, so for it to have survived the comings and wbwlogogoings of original participants, the proliferation of wine blogs and wine social networks, and everything else that’s changed in the last five years is a testament to how many wine lovers enjoy this event every month.

In case you are new to the world of wine blogs, WBW is a once monthly event where a host blogger (that’d be me) sets a theme and bloggers and wine enthusiasts from around the world choose a wine to meet the theme.  The host then rounds up the posts in some fashion so everyone can discover some new blogs and visit with old friends to see their takes on the theme.

Zin fangirls (and guys), Zin Freaks, and even those of you who aren’t so sure about Zin, get ready! The theme for this 5th birthday of WBW is “I Have Zinned.”  Nothing too crazy there. It’s summer and I’m not sure about the rest of you, but we are grilling and BBQing almost every night here at the Wannabe Wino household.  Zinfandel is my absolute favorite wine to pair with grilled foods and bbq, so in honor of the height of grilling season, I’m asking everyone to pull out a Zinfandel, throw something on the grill (or the Foreman or in a pan if you don’t have either), and tell me about your favorite grilled or BBQ’d food and how it goes with Zinfandel.

The deadline to submit is August 12th.  You can leave a comment here or shoot me an email at with a link to your blog post. As always, if you don’t have a blog and would like to play along, send me an email with your write up and I’ll toss it up as post here. I’m hoping for some record participation for the 5th Birthday event, so don’t let me down!

Boys and girls, get Zinning!


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  1. Will send you something. This past saturday I opened a Pietra Santa Zin to go w/ my grillled Korean Flank Steak and wasabi mashed. Excellent. I’m a big fan of Pietra Santa—reasonably priced. Good bang for the buck.

  2. Thanks Dave! I welcome your participation!

  3. Ok so i think i qualify as a Zin Freak since my license plate says ZINNIN1!!!


  4. Due to my circumstances (living in the Southeastern United States), I am obligated to hold BBQ in very high esteem. And I completely agree that red Zin is kin to slow-smoked pork, among other creatures. Yes, I said “kin” (see circumstances).

    I’m new to the scene, but eager to participate. I’ll see what I can do!

  5. Nice idea.
    I’m in.
    I’ve got some Carlisle that I haven’t touched in a while. Good excuse to check in on Mike Officer’s brilliant wines.
    Sounds like fun.

  6. Very cool! I love me some Zin, so this will be great fun… I just had an Edmeades Zin last week that really rawk’d, but I’ll have to find something new for WBW… thanks for taking the lead Sonadora and re-starting the tradition

  7. Haven’t done WBW in awhile but this is a great theme for summer, zin is definitely the go-to wine for grilling (along w Malbec). In fact need to decide which Zin to bring to a cookout today. Think I have a Rosenblum and a few others on hand (a Ridge too but that we’ll save for a meal at home!)

  8. Hmmm. No wine blog anymore, but how can I NOT write about Zin?

  9. Great! Looking forward to all of your entries!!

  10. Count me in. Which Wednesday in August? I’d love to feature a Zin from the other 46 states. If I cannot locate one in time, I’ll happily open a Titus:)

  11. Hey Brian–August 12, so it’s the 2nd Wednesday in August!

  12. I gotta get in on this one. I have about 8 different bottles of Zin staring me in the face, just begging to be opened and enjoyed.

    Do we get bonus points for over-achievement? 🙂

  13. […] of my birthday tonight we will be opening multiple Zins in a blind tasting format for my post for WBW #60- I Have Zinned.  I hope you will all join me for WBW’s 5th Birthday on August 12! Stick with me for another […]

  14. Yes, I always give bonus points for over achievers!!

  15. Is the deadline to submit August 12th or is that the day WBW goes up?

  16. Both–put your post up and submit the link to me! Then I will round up the responses within the week and link back to everyone.

  17. […] the details for WBW #60-I Have Zinned can be found in my original post, here. Submit your Zinful entry to me at: on August 12! You can also leave a link […]

  18. Posted my WBW a bit early, at least my first entry. The Ridge Zin I had was somewhat disappointing, might try again if I get a chance!

  19. […] marks installment number sixty of the Wine Blogging Wednesday events. The theme for this month, hosted by Sonadora over at  Wannabe Wino, is Zinfandel and grilled meat. I just happen to have a bunch of Lodi Zinfandels sitting in the kitchen waiting for me. While I […]

  20. Just discovered your blog….it’s really good.

    I just started one last month….please visit..

    South Jersey Wine Blog

  21. mmmmmnnnn zinfandel my first great wine love

    I’m in for some zin!

  22. […] over at challenged us to try Zinfandel with barbecue for Wine Blogging Wednesday 60. (Psst, Sonadora, I just added your site as a link. Care to […]

  23. […] of WBW, and I set the theme to “I Have Zinned.”  You can read all the original details here, but the short and sweet version is that I asked you to pick a Zinfandel and make some BBQ or grill […]

  24. […] zinfandel, Ridge, Wine Blogging Wednesday, zinfandel by art predator For this month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday #60, host Sonadora prompts us to Zin with BBQ and reminds us that Lenn of Lenndevours started this off […]

  25. […] month’s WBW is hosted by Sonadora of Wannabewino blog, and the subject of this month’s WBW is one of my favorite varietals – Zinfandel!  Our charge for this month was […]

  26. Hi Megan! I added a very Cincinnati twist to my WBW entry. And it won’t make sense to non-locals, but we have a thing in Cincy for flying pigs. It’s a long, historical tale, but it is relevant to the post.

    Cheers, and thanks for hosting!

  27. […] – an absolute age since I've slurped on one. Hardly needing an excuse of course but this months Wine Blogging Wednesday has the mighty red one as the theme. Sonadora has designated August the 12th as I Have Zinned Day. […]

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