On the Road Again

Hello all. Today I take off on an extremely early flight to San Francisco. I’m heading out to the Wine Blogger Conference again this year, but have lots planned before and after as well!  My friend Russ, the Winehiker, is kindly fetching me from the airport and then he and I intend to take a 6 mile hike! Keep me in your thoughts as I’ll have left the East Coast around 5 to get to my flight…then a 5.5 hour flight before a 6 mile hike! I’ll be exhausted!

But I must conserve energy. Thea has a full night planned for us over at Crushpad, before she lets me crash at her place for the night! Then we head off bright and early to pick up Ryan and Gabriella from the airport to whisk them away to deebauchery at Murphys with El Jefe and lots of other wine blog folks! What could be better?

Well, how about 2.5 days in Santa Rosa, soaking up the sun (and the wine) and enjoying the company of many of my fellow wine blog authors?  We will taste through several hundred wines in that time as well as take a field trip to Napa!  And after that’s over, there’s still more!

We’ve got a full day planned on Sunday and Monday too! Pig roasts, Cabernet Sauvignon Verticals, aroma gardens, and more!  I’m sure Thea and I will be exhausted by the time this is over! I’m playing Jeeves for the week, as I have the rental car.  Be sure to watch the wine blog for posts about all the excitement!