Sing a Song of Riesling

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the PR folks for Wines of Germany.

Who loves Riesling? ::points at self:: That’d be me! I’ve been drinking my fair share this summer.  But I think I’d like some more. Like every night. Riesling makes a great before dinner sipper, and its nice acidity often marries well with food.  Tonight we dugthe 2007 Monchhof Riesling Kabinett out of the basement.  We drank it after dinner, where it went particularly well with the hot (but oddly dry) weather we’ve been having recently.  The wine had a screw cap, clocked in at 9% alcohol by volume, and retails for around $20.

Oh what a spicy nose! White pepper, black pepper, white peach, cardamom….I think….at least it’s something from the herb side of the spice rack….just the slighest sweet lemon, and white flowers.  In the mouth I found dried pineapple, delicious candied fruit, peach, some pear, spice, tropical notes, and a nice streak of minerality running through it.  The wine had fabulous acidity and a great long finish. I’d buy this in a heartbeat if I saw it on a shelf!


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  1. Hello!

    You love Riesling? So I do! 😉

    Please find attached a link to a nice photo of this estate (in front of the vineyard):

    Am I right – the Riesling you tasted was one with quite a lot of residual sugar? Or did you try the “dry” Kabinett?

    By the way, it is not surprising that you found herbs in this wine. The name “Würzgarten” is the tradtional (you also might say: very old fashioned) name for “Gewürzgarten”, which means “garden of herbs”.

    Greetings from Germany

    P.S. Nice Blog 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, I made a mistake above:
    The correct translation is “garden of spices”…

    Happy to read you found spices, too 😉


  3. Thanks for the info!

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