Hey, You, Napa Winery, Come Here!

We’ve all seen the Murphy Goode thing, where the winery interviewed social media folks.  Now it’s your turn to be interviewed.  My friend Karen, the Wine Bard, is looking for you, a good Napa Winery.  She and her betrothed would like to get married on August 18 at your winery (she couldn’t have picked a better date, that’s my wedding anniversary!).  She’s in wine and he’s in Napa Auto Parts.  Geeky yes, but a great opportunity for you to make a wine blogger’s dream come true.

They are looking for a Napa Winery who has the following things:

Do you have a rose for Karen?

Do you have a rose for Karen?

1.) Roses at the ends of the vineyard rows.

2.) A really pretty setting in Napa.

3.) The ability to let Karen, her to be husband, a minister and photographer (no guests!) say their vows in your vineyard.

*Bonus if you will be their witness and hold the video camera for 20 minutes!

For all the details, and to apply to be Karen’s winery wedding dream come true, head on over to her site! Wine Bard Weds.


Reminder! WBW #60 in 10 Days!

wbwlogoFor the 5th Birthday of Wine Blogging Wednesday I have asked everyone to pick a bottle of Zin, pair it with some BBQ and tell me about it!  On my last go around hosting I had 54 wine blog folks participate-let’s blow that out of the water for the 60th edition of WBW!!

All the details for WBW #60-I Have Zinned can be found in my original post, here. Submit your Zinful entry to me at: ctsonadora@gmail.com on August 12! You can also leave a link here on Wannabe Wino Wine Blog and I will find it that way.  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can send me your entry and I will post it on Wannabe Wino.  If you send an email and don’t get an acknowledgment from me within the day, I didn’t get your entry!

Talk it up, and let’s do the 5th Birthday of WBW up right!