I Bought This For Thea

And she insisted on opening it as soon as I gave it to her! There’s no keeping Thea from her Pinot Noir! Earlier in the day Russ and I stopped by Rick’s Wine Cellar in Corte Madera for some post hike sustenance and drink.  We got to meet Rick and enjoyed some lovely flights of Pinot, plus cheese! Rick’s seems to specialize in Pinot Noir–the selection is huge! Perfect of Thea who is a Pinot freak, so I picked her up a bottle as a gift for letting me stay at her place for a few nights.  The 2006 Row 11 Russian River Pinot Noir retailed for $39 at Rick’s, and that’s pretty much all the info I have other than the fact it had a real cork closure. I didn’t even get a picture of the bottle.  But Thea, like Matt, accused me of being a slow drinker…maybe it is me!

On the nose of the wine I got cinnamon, bacon, mint, raspberry, strawberry, and cranberry.  In the mouth I found raspberry, strawberry, leather, herbs, cranberry, mint, cinnamon, red cherries and more red fruit.  I thought it had great structure and acidity and I loved the bacon notes on the nose, they jumped right out at me.


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  1. Ah, so you and Thea opened the Row Eleven together! That’s an awesome wine, alright.

    Here’s a photo of the bottle plus info: http://www.saratogawine.com/images/roweleven/06-pinotnoir-btl.jpg

  2. Hehehe yes yes it’s true. I forced Megan to open it. HA! Besides, it’s rude not to share. :-p

    I agree – I really like Row 11, and this was a tasty treat with lots of raspberry, strawberry and earthy bacony goodness. I really tasted the cinnamon and well!

    THANKS for the lovely bottle! It’s on my list of pinot faves!

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