Beaujolais Villages

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Bin Ends Wine in order to participate in the F. Wildman Twitter Taste Live.

And finally, the last wine of the evening. I wish I had been able to pull together having a group over to help us drink these…6 wines for two people is a little over the top, even if I was spitting the whole time!  Plus, it didn’t start until 9pm est, so that’s a long time to wait to open 6 bottles!  We had the 2008 Potel Aviron Beaujolais Villages for the last wine. I don’t think I’d ever had a Beaujolais Villages before! It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and retails for around $12.

As I started to pour the wine, I noticed the folks on Twitter telling me it should be served slightly chilled. So I pulled out this contraption (you can see it in the first picture) called a Ravi. I got the Ravi as a sample in the mail a few weeks ago and have been playing around with it to see how it works ever since.  The idea is that it will take a whole bottle of red wine down to serving temperature as you pour it through and it will chill 2 glasses of white wine completely, giving you time to chill the rest of the bottle conventionally.  It worked pretty well for the red. I’ve tried it on whites with mixed results, I’m going to experiment some more with actually taking the wine’s temperature and I’ll report back.

Anyway, so the wine. A chilled red. That’s not something I encounter a lot.  The wine was simple and fresh, and since it’s chilled, could make a good substitute for a Rosé when you’re in the mood for something red in the summer.  I’m not sure it’s really my thing, but I’m always happy to try something new.  On the nose I got black cherries, black currants, strawberries, and really fresh fruit.  In the mouth I found black cherries, black berries, and strawberries.  This was fresh and fruity, and pretty simple.


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  1. The Ravi looks pretty cool! I’ll have to try one of those!


  2. It’s interesting Randy!

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