Another Request

Before we all moseyed on up to Murphys, El Jefe asked for requests of places that we’d like to visit. I’d guess to give them fair warning a herd of cats (wine blogger) was about to descend on their tasting room…or to get some to stay open just a little bit later than usual so we could visit!  For our second stop on the tour, we headed to Newsome Harlow. Now, Newsome Harlow is the personal label for Scott Klann, the winemaker at Twisted Oak and at Tanner (our next stop). Seeing a pattern here? I love Twisted Oak, I love Newsome Harlow and I love Tanner….hmmmm…..!  Somehow, we all crowded into Newsome Harlow, despite having added to our numbers along the way.  For the wine blogger who got there late, it really wasn’t too hard to find our rowdy group on Main Street.

Jefe gets in on the action.

Jefe gets in on the action.

2008 Sauvignon Blanc: $16. Smells like beer! Really yeasty, grapefruit, citrus, lemon, orange, crisp, light. I bought two bottles, one of which I shared at the Wine Blogger Conference.

2006 Train Wreck: $19. Berries, cranberry, red fruit, pomegranate, spice, red berries, fruity, tart cherry finish.

2006 Meritage: $30. Blackberry, spice, herbs, raisins, chocolate, berry, milk chocolate.

2007 Calaveras Zinfandel: $24. Bright red plums, berries, pomegranate, spice, cranberry, juicy, tart fruit.

2007 Big John’s Vineyard Zinfandel: $36. Darker fruit, pepper, spice, blackberry, herbal, orange peel, cardamom, herbal finish.

2007 Shake Ridge Ranch Zinfandel: $36. Blackberry, anise, very dark, black plum, coffee, brown sugar.

Scott talks about his wine.

Scott talks about his wine.

2007 The Donner Party Zinfandel: $36. Raisins, dark, tannic, huge, big fruit, chocolate, coffee beans.

2007 Petite Sirah “El Portal”: $24. Blueberry, vanilla, chocolate, spice, blue fruit, pepper, dark berries.

The Dash: $24. Muscat Canelli, Orange Muscat, Viognier. Perfume, honey, flowers, apricots, dried oranges, white pepper, dried pineapple.

I bought something else at Tanner. But I can’t remember what.  I think I got a Train Wreck.  All I know is that my arms hurt after hauling the wine to Tanner and then they hurt even more on the way back from Tanner as I had even more wine to hike back to my hotel room.  I think Matt would kill me if I signed up for another wine club, but that is literally all that stopped me.  I would happily drink any of the Newsome Harlow wines any day of the week. Yum yum yum!