Just Keeps Getting Better

This wine feels like an old friend. Whenever it comes around I’m delighted to see it and I’m sad when it’s gone. I wonder when I’ll see it again.  The 1999 Roederer Estate L’Ermitage Brut is way out of our normal price range,we paid $60 at the winery for this bottle, so we don’t drink it as often as I would like. Though I see you can now find it at various online shops for as low as $40. At that price, I would drink it more often! I have no idea for how much longer this wine will continue to improve, but I’d be happy to keep drinking it for some time!

On the nose I found lemon! Lots and lots of lemon…some had a more herbal quality like lemon verbana and some a sweeter note like meyer lemon.  I also found minerals, yeast, spicy herbs, and peach.  In the mouth I got tart lemon, tart melon, yeast, meyer lemon, green apple, and prickly pear.  I also got an overall sense that the wine seemed a bit doughy.  I love how sprightly this wine is, even after 10 years, it’s crisp with great bubbles and a lovely mouthfeel.