A New Winery

The final request for wineries to taste while we were in Murphys for the pre-Wine Blogger Conference came, surprisingly, not from me.  And it’s not a winery I was at all familiar with!  Liza and Thea had visited Renner on a trip up to Calaveras earlier this year.  They both wanted to taste the wines again.  Renner is actually located outside of Murphys.  The winemaker made a special trip over to have dinner and pour his wines for us!  Lucky wine bloggers are we!

We tasted through 4 wines before we had our dinner and blending session at Twisted Oak. As I tasted, I became extremely jealous of the excellent deal Thea and Liza got on Syrah when they visited earlier this year!

2007 Viognier: $22. Nilla wafers, pear, peach, caramel, stone fruit, crisp, pear, full mouthfeel.

2006 Canterbury Vineyards Syrah: $18. Black cherry, vanilla, black currants, black plums, cream, black fruit, anise, dark fruit, great structure.

2006 Canterbury Vineyards Shiraz Cabernet: $18. Raisiny, a little sweet, milk chocolate, nice in the mouth, blackberries, tannic.

2005 Syrah: $25. Oakier, black cherry, creamy nose, little anise, black fruit, dark, tannic.

Overall, I found these to be some really nice wines. I’m happy Liza and Thea asked for them to come out to us or else I would never have had the chance to taste them! Many thanks to Renner for visiting the rowdy wine bloggers at Twisted Oak!