The First Fall Wine

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Sobon Estate.

Several months ago, I connected with Sobon Estate on Twitter. As I’ve mentioned before, if I’m out and about shopping for wine, and I’m looking for new stuff to try, I’m much more likely to choose a wine from a winery I’ve connected with on Twitter or seen on a fellow wine blogger’s site if one is available. I guess connecting with the folks behind the winery on Twitter makes me more interested in seeing what their brand has going on. In that vein, I purchased a bottle of Sobon’s Sauvignon Blanc and as I Twittered and wrote about it, the folks at Sobon offered to send me a couple of their Zinfandels to try!  We cracked open the 2007 Sobon Estate ReZerve Primitvo from Amador County to try the other night. It retails for $24, clocks in at 15% alcohol by volume, and had a real cork closure.

So let’s just get this out of the way: I loved this wine. Absolutely adored it and imagined myself drinking it by the fire in the fall. On the nose I found pepper, smoke, blackberry, licorice, earth, herbs, wood, plums, and overall sense of jammy fruit.  In the mouth I got tart blackberry, plums, boysenberry, lots of tart fresh fruit, black fruit, herbs, and pepper.  On the palate, this was all juicy and just delicious. We ate it with my homemade pizza and it sang.


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  1. Love the new look, keep up the great work the number of visitors must have increased?.

  2. Great wine for sure. I fell in love with this the second I stuck my nose in the glass. Nice choice and glad you shared this with your readers!

  3. The Sobons’ are lovely people. I used to drink a ton of their wine when I worked for Total Wine. This was always my favorite, complex ,and a rich, luscious powerhouse. They make a great Roussane, and the Fiddletown Zin is mighty fine.

  4. Thanks Michael!

    I loved this one Jon. I’ve got one more I need to write about.

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