Bubbles In My Glass

We brought some bubbles with us to my parents’ house last week to enjoy as the weather was supposed to be scorching. I’m glad we did…apparently it was the warmest weekend all summer! Thankfully, we had bubbles and a pool…and my parents just put in central air. Of course, I lived there for 19 years and we didn’t have central air. Anyway, we packed the N.V. Scarffenberger Cremant into the car and popped it in the fridge when we arrived.  I purchased this at the winery for $25 and it had a typical Champagne cork closure.

On the nose, the wine smelled waxy. I’ve used this description before, but it’s only the second time I’ve found this box of Crayola crayon type smell.  I also found yeast, slight citrus, and a little raspberry. A fairly reserved nose. In the mouth I got raspberry, orange, yeast, and citrus. Overall, the wine was light and crisp, with tingly little bubbles.