Any Port in the Storm

As I mentioned, the weather has turned a bit cooler, thankfully. I need a reprieve from the heat! Along with cool weather comes changing leaves, crisp apples, warm cider, and of course, glasses of Port by the fire.  This evening we opened the 2006 Teldeschi Zinfandel Port from Dry Creek Valley, CA.  I actually purchased this for my dad back in the spring when Matt and I visited Teldeschi again. Whenever we go to wine country I make a point to buy my dad some sort of Port as he loves the stuff! But he never wants to open the bottles when we aren’t visiting, so he had stockpiled a few we opened on our last trip to CT.  I want to say I paid about $25 for this 375mL bottle, it had a real cork closure, and clocked in at 16.8% alcohol by volume…sometimes you see regular Zin clocking in at that or higher, so that’s pretty tame for a Port wine!

Everyone loved this bottle.  On the nose it had raspberries, chocolate, vanilla, blackberries, and spice.  In the mouth I found blackberries, black currants, black fruit, spice, raspberries, and chocolate.  It’s really smooth and almost silky in the mouth and made for a perfect dessert on its own.  I’ll have to get another bottle for dad next time we are out in CA!


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  1. Love the stuff from Teldeschi…nice folks, to boot!

  2. Ooh, a Zin Port, sounds exotic :). Next time you’re in the States, trying the Merlot Port from Heller Estate Organic Vineyards! Only $38 per bottle, and it’s fantastic.

  3. Hi Soñadora, if you like Port style wines, you should try Malamado form Bodega Familia Zuccardi (Mendoza) it’s a Port style wine made with Malbec grape. I love it!

  4. They are nice folks Joe!

    Thanks for the tips Beth and Alex!

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