Grape 98!!!

We are closing in on our Century Club application! Since my dad offered to buy wine for the weekend, I decided to hunt down some of the more unusual grapes the Madison Wine Exchange had to offer. I think the salespeople were amused with my search, they hadn’t heard of the Century Club before! I actually got quite a haul from the store, picking up 4 new grapes. We opened the 2007 Ercavio Blanco, made from 100% Airen grapes, not really sure what to expect.  It had a plastic cork, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and retailed for $12.99.  The Airen grape hails from Spain. Overall, I think Spain has provided the most grapes for my application…it seems to have many native varieties.

The nose on the wine was extremely perfumey. I got flowers, jasmine, honeysuckle, orange blossom, and white pepper.  In the mouth I found white grapefruit, sharp citrus, tangerine on the finish, spice, flowers, and white pepper. An interesting white, I could see it doing well where you’d normally choose a Sauvignon Blanc.


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  1. That’s impressive!!! I’ve never counted the different varietals I’ve had, but I can tell you that the total is nowhere near 98!

  2. Nearly there!

    If you found an Airen that you enjoyed, I’d say you were very lucky to have found a decent one that was given proper fine winemaking treatment.

    There’s a reason Airen occupies more acreage than any other wine variety… and that reason is NOT because it usually makes good wine :-).

  3. you make wine sound so flippin delicious! Now I rarely drink white, but as soon as labor day is over, guess where I am going! astor wine & spirits! (i will be in NYC anyway)..yum

  4. Glad to see that you are so close to 100. It is quite a feat to accomplish! We’ll have to have virtual Twitter toast or something to celebrate when you reach the big goal.

  5. Hey people, it is Labor Day! Have a nice day!!

  6. Claire, it’s been fun!

    Hey Joe-yeah, I read that it’s not usually anything to write home about…

    Thanks Coolculinary!

    Hehehe, sounds good Felicia!

    Thanks, Fiz, hope yours was good!

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