Vintage Bubbles

Most of the sparkling wine I drink is non vintage. I’m not sure why, other than price…and again, many of the shops near me don’t carry a lot of sparkling wine. What they do have is generally non vintage. My dad and I picked this 2005 Schramsberg Brut Rose up at the Madison Wine Exchange. It cost $39, had a typical Champagne closure, and I think clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume.

This wine had a great light salmon color. On the nose I found cherry, yeast, strawberry, flowers, and stone fruit.  In the mouth I got strawberry, cherry, toast, and bright red fruit. Overall this sparkler was crisp and very dry, great with the hot weather! I’ve had other offerings from Schramsberg and I think their NV Mirabelle Brut Rose might be a better deal for the money.


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  1. I believe I have tasted this before & liked it. I love a crisp sparkling!

    We’ve bought Schramsberg in the past because it’s a quality wine at a decent price. Sadly, we don’t buy a whole lot of sparkling wines, but that needs to change!

  2. Hello Sonadora! Thank you for trying and writing about our ’05 Brut Rosé. The Mirabelle NV Brut Rosé is also a wonderful wine – you are correct. The grapes come from the same 90+ vineyards that we choose from for our vintage wines and are made with the same care and focus. I find that there is a good occasion for both wines, depending on the situation. Best wishes.

  3. Claire, I like it too. I also need to taste more sparkling wine!

    Thanks for stopping by Matt.

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