Torrontes Everywhere!

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Bin Ends Wine in order to participate in Twitter Taste Live.

As I mentioned last week, you’ll be seeing lots of wines from Argentina around ye ol’ wine blog for the next few weeks. Over the course of 4 Wednesday Twitter Taste Lives I tasted through about 20 wines from Argentina! Prior to the TTL series, I had tasted a handful of wines from Argentina, so it was quite interesting to get to taste a broader array and see what’s going on with various grapes there.  On the second night, we tried the 2007 Trapiche Torrontes.  It had a real cork closure, retails for around $8, and it weighed in at 14% alcohol by volume.

On the nose I found orange sherbet, flowers, honeysuckle, lemon zest, and spice.  I didn’t find the nose on this one as aromatic as I’ve come to expect from Torrontes, but I enjoyed the orange sherbet notes.  In the mouth I got sharp citrus, apple, lemon, lemon ice, spice, sharp lemon, and lemon sweet tarts (the candy).  As you can probably tell, the palate showed mostly lemon and variations of lemon. I found the mouth to be a lot sharper with more citrus than I expected based off the nose.

By the way, happy October! As some one so helpfully reminded me on Twitter last night, only 84 shopping days until Christmas!


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  1. This was medium to full bodied, fairly dry (but not overly-so). It requires a bit of time to decant, otherwise the flavors are too spicy and oaky (read: will kind of burn your palate). After about 15-30 minutes of ‘breathing’ time the flavor calmed down and was actually quite lovely; the fruity components came through but retained a mild spice, just a hint of oak. Very smooth with a long finish. Next bottle I buy I’ll probably let it age for a year or two before opening.

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