Wine From California!

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from J. Keverson Winery.

With all the Argentinian wines around here, I bet you thought I’d gone and forgotten I’d started this wine blog to tell you about the wines from small California wineries that I drink.  No fear, I certainly haven’t abandoned my love of small family Californian wineries, but when you open 6 bottles of Argentinian wine in a night and there are only two of you, it takes a while to drink through the open bottles!  The Starkey’s Court Zin clocked in at 15.3% alcohol by volume, hails from Dry Creek Valley, had a real cork closure, and retails for…well, I can’t find that info at the moment, sorry!

On the nose I found blackberry, vanilla, blackberry crumble, plums, spice, and pepper.  In the mouth I got tart black fruit, black cherry, back plum, blackberry, spice, and pepper.  We served this with blue cheese and bacon burgers off the grill and it was a great match given the hint of pepper with the excellent structure and well integrated fruit and tannins.


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  1. I didn’t realize that there was a Starkey’s Court Zinfandel from J. Keverson… very cool!

    I had the Starkey’s Court Chard and really loved it…. how would you say these compare to other wines you have had? Do you think these offer a great bang for the buck?


  2. The wine is just being released and should be on the web site this week. The wine retails for $22.50

  3. Thanks for the review. I will definitely give Starkey’s Court Zinfandel a try.

    One of my favorite Zinfandels from a small winery is Oblivious from Macchia in Lodi. Macchia produces a number of outstanding Zins.

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