Portugal Here I Come!!!

Towards the end of the month, I have something for you that will be entirely different here at Wannabe Wino.  I’ll be off to Portugal to visit a couple wine regions and to attend the European Wine Blogger Conference!  I won the trip through a contest Jo at Wine Blog Juicy Tales By Jo Diaz held for her new client, Enoforum Wines.  I had to write why I wanted to travel to Portugal with Jo, and then Jo selected the winner from the applicants.  As a result, my trip will be paid for by Enoforum Wines. They also offered a stipend for my writing, however, I turned that down as I do not want to be paid for my writing.  So let’s make that abundantly clear: ANYTHING I WRITE HERE ABOUT PORTUGAL OR THE TRIP WILL BE BECAUSE I WANT TO NOT BECAUSE I AM PAID TO OR REQUIRED TO WRITE. Got that all you ethics police? TURNED DOWN STIPEND. Ok. Now that we have that out of the way, let me give you a preview of the trip, because I am super duper excited to have won!!

I’ve never been to a wine region outside the United States.  That in itself is making this trip worth it me! Not only that, but Jo and I will be doing lots of things outside of just wine tasting and vineyard visiting which also makes me happy as I’d hate to get all the way to Portugal and miss out on the history of the country. We’ll be arriving on October 29 and departing November 6.  During that time we will take about 2 days to attend the European Wine Blogger Conference, which just happened to fall over the time we are visiting! It will be great to catch up with some of the European wine bloggers that I met at the 08 North American Wine Blogger Conference and to meet so many more that I haven’t yet had the pleasure of encountering.

After the conference, we’ll be playing wine tourist! We’ll be visiting Lisbon, Sintra, Évora, Monsaraz, and the Algarve region.  We’ll tour old town Lisbon, see the S. Jorge Castle, visit Pena National Palace, wander around Belém…it just looks like a fabulous trip, and something I probably would never get to do if I hadn’t won this trip.  I look forward to telling you all about Portugal and the European Wine Blogger Conference, and Portuguese wines! Wannabe Wino will become a bit of a mix of a travel/food/wine blog for a week and a bit! So look for those posts starting toward the end of October!