An Essence

*Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from the P.R. folks for Wines of Germany in order to participate in a Twitter Taste Live.

Germany! We’ve moved on from Argentina and South America and found ourselves squarely in Germany. Sadly, due to a combination of circumstances, I was only able to participate in one Wines of Germany tasting, although I would have LOVED to participate in more since this first set of wines was so excellent.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Twitter Taste Live with more universal agreement as to the quality of the wines.  First up for the evening, the 2008 S.A. Prum Essence Riesling. It had a screw cap closure, clocked in at 11% alcohol by volume, and retails for around $14.

On the nose I found apple, wax, peach, pear, and flowers. In the mouth I got tropical notes, lots of pear, apple, peach, apricot, and slight honey.  I found it to be spritzy and zippy in the mouth.  The Essence is a great entry level wine, and I think it would please a lot of palates at your next party.