Two Seas

When we opened this I thought that we had consumed an earlier vintage of the same bottle. I distinctly remembered the “Entre Deux Mers.” But I went back and looked through the blog, and while we had a bottle with the same title, it wasn’t from the same winery.  Tonight’s bottle was the 2008 Chateau Grand Rousseau Entre Deux Mers.  It arrived in a shipment from a wine of the month club that I got as a gift, had a pressed cork, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume, and I think it retails for somewhere around $10-$13.  This bottle was the best of the wine of the month club…I haven’t really been a fan of any of the other wines that came in those shipments…in fact, some of them were downright awful!

On the nose I found lemon, melon, lime, tropical notes, apple, white peaches, lime zest, and citrus.  In the mouth I got more lime zest, tart peach, citrus, and slight tropical notes.  Overall I found the wine to be tart and acidic with a simpler palate than nose.  It was very refreshing and easily the best of the bunch from this wine club.



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  1. I have had this wine… For some reason I think that I payed less than $10 for it, but I think I found it in my local wine shop…

  2. I actually just visited Entre Deux Mers… the name stands for Between the two seas. This is the name given to the region in Bordeaux that lies between the River Garonne and the River Dordogne. It’s actually not between any “seas” but it gets its name from the days where these Rivers brought in a great deal of trade to the city and at that time anything that came in from the Atlanta ocean was seen as a “sea”.

    The interesting thing about this region is that it is not known in Bordeaux for its great wine. In fact, this is kinda the two buck chuck area of the region. These wines are not bad, but are often drank more as aperitifs instead of with grand dinners like many of the other wines from Bordeaux. This area is also facing a lot of trouble right now due to decreasing wine sales. Since their prices are already very low considering costs of production, many are being faced with having to abandon their trade in the face of declining demand and prices.

    Anyways, enough about that… just thought I would add some insight…


  3. Some great values in those EDM wines!

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