Review Part Deux

I used this wine as my entry for Wine Blogging Wednesday this month, but felt it also deserved a full review since I liked it so much. I chose the 2006 Wertzberger Syrah as my “Wine Muse” for this month’s meeting of the internet winos. I’ve met Bill Wertzberger a couple times now out at Teldeschi winery where he is the assistant winemaker. He also makes his own wines there, tiny itty bitty little lots ranging from about 25 cases to about 50 cases of each kind.  I’ve long pined after his Grenache (which is finally in bottle, half a case of which is resting in my basement!) and he suggested I might enjoy his Syrah as well, so I purchased a bottle for around $25 on one of my recent CA trips. The 2006 Werztberger Syrah clocked in at 14.5% alcohol by volume and had a plastic closure.

On the nose I found the wine to be floral.  I got aromas of chocolate, violets, spice, vanilla beans, plums, and pepper. I wrote in my notes that it “smelled purple” and “perfumey,” almost exotic with spices and crushed flower notes.  In the mouth I found red fruit, raspberries, strawberries, black cherries, spice, and slight hints of chocolate.  The wine seemed so smooth to me that I wrote down it was like liquid velvet with a fresh red fruit kick on the finish.  Overall, just a great bottle of wine.



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