Milliarium Pinot Noir

Disclaimer: I received this wine as a sample from Milliarium Cellars.

I felt like a Pinot Noir the other night, and we don’t have much of that in our own collection, so I pulled the 2007 Milliarium Split Rock Vineyard Pinot Noir from a sample box. It clocked in around 14% alcohol by volume (I neglected to record it!), had a real cork closure and retails for $46. Milliarium Cellars (which I unfortunately misspelled when I first wrote this review and am now correcting as well as adding information since I can now find the website….) is owned by John Zielinski. John, it appears, like many of us, was bit hard by the wine bug and combined his love of science with his love of wine and created Milliarium Cellars. Milliarium Cellars currently produces 2 Pinot Noirs, the Split Rock and the La Encantada which I will review in the net few weeks for you!

On the nose I found Dr. Pepper, pepper, earth, cherry, cola, spice, and raspberry.  In the mouth I got cherry, raspberry, spice, black cherry, and pepper. Overall the wine displayed fresh fruit, a long finish,  and nice acidity. We drank it with meatloaf….not the most graceful pairing, but it was fine! I’d like a bottle for my upcoming holiday feasts and parties as so many of my friends and family enjoy Pinot Noir.