Back in Sauvignon Blanc

This week white wine has been my fancy. I’ve opened several Rieslings, Gewurztraminers, and Sauvingon Blancs. No idea why I’m on a white wine kick, but there you have it. Tonight I have more Sauvignon Blanc to open as well as another Gewurz. We’ve been up visiting my parents all week and I can’t resist the wine shop that’s just a couple blocks from their house. Though it didn’t have any Gruner and I really wanted a Gruner the other night. Instead I popped open a bottle of 2008 Starborough Sauvignon Blanc. It had a screw cap closure and my dad bought it for about $11 at Branford Wine and Spirits.


On the nose I got passion fruit, lime, slight green pepper notes, white pepper, and tropical aromas. In the mouth I found more tropical fruit, citrus, spice, passion fruit, and lime.  A good bet if you’re craving a typical tart New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc!


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