Albariño Albariño Albariño

Say that 10 times fast! Here’s another grape I don’t drink much of unless I seek it out. And I should. I really like Albariños and find it makes a good mate for the light seafood dishes I enjoy so much in the warmer months. However, I always find myself gravitating towards Sauvignon Blanc. Anyway, I pulled out the 2007 Licia Albariño from the box my dad and I got at the Madison Wine Exchange. It had a real cork, clocked in at 12.5% alcohol by volume and I believe it ran us about $15.

On the nose I got flowers, peach, nectarine, honey, pear, and citrus notes. In the mouth I found lemon, white peach, pear, orange, more citrus, and stone fruits. The wine had nice acidity and I found it to be crisp. W drank this on its own, but as I said, it would be nice with some grilled white fish in the summer.



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  1. Good call, I rarely drink any Albie’s, but when I do, I like them. The Spanish have been making white wines for, say, 1000 years. They’ve fully figured it out by now. It’s too bad Albie’s can be hard to find in the states.

  2. Sounds sweet, like drinking a orange pinapple drink or something.

    Josh @nectarwine

  3. Dave-I agree it can be hard to find a good selection. You have to look hard.

    Josh-no, it’s really not sweet, lots of fruit, but it’s crisp.

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