Connecticut Riesling

Continuing on with Thanksgiving wines, I picked up a couple bottles of Riesling. I like Riesling, and with a crowd of 15 for dinner, I thought it would go over well with all different wine tastes. Swinging by the Madison Wine Exchange a couple days before the big event I saw they had a bottle of Riesling from a Connecticut winery and I thought it might be nice to have a bottle of local wine for the evening, though the grapes are sourced from the Finger Lakes. I chose the 2008 Sharpe Hill Riesling. It had a real cork closure, clocked in at 12% alcohol by volume, and I believe it cost us about $17.

On the nose I found honey, apricot, honeysuckle, and honey. In the mouth I got citrus, orange, tangerine, and honey. It had a slight metallic aftertaste that I didn’t care for.


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  1. Hmmm, I haven’t had that one… I have had the Ballet of Angels from Sharpe Hill Vineyard. Apparently, it is a much better wine.

  2. I’ve had that too Gretchen and liked it a lot more. This just seemed a little off to me.

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