Now for Something Different

I don’t drink a ton of Port. It’s not really my thing. I often find that it feels as if they singe my nose when I drink them. I know that Port is supposed to be quite high in alcohol given that it is fortified, however, I just usually can’t tolerate it and the raisiny taste I usually find overwhelms me! However, my dad is a Port man and always tries to get me to drink Port whenever we visit or they come visit us. On this last trip (an early Christmas and Birthday visit) he brought with him Claustru’s Porto Ruby.

On the nose I found strawberry, perfume, spice, earth, exotic spices, and currants. In the mouth, chocolate, currants, and strawberries dominated. I found it to be very smooth and I surprised myself by requesting a second glass. A first for me for sure! So perhaps it’s possible to turn me into a Port drinker after all…only time will tell!

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