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Every year around this time I venture over to Good Wine Under $20 to see what Dr. Deb’s wine resolutions for the new year are.  In response to her urging I’ve written a post every year outlining the wine goals I have for the coming year.  She hasn’t yet posted hers, so I guess I’m beating her to the punch this year!  I don’t call them resolutions because I royally suck at resolutions and almost never manage to keep them.  Over the years I’ve done much better with wine goals.

Today we’ll check in on my wine goals from 2009 and see how I did, as well as set a few 2010 goals!

1.) Get to know Chilean wines.  Check, check, and check again.  I tasted a TON of Chilean wines this year.

2.) Attend the Wine Blogger Conference again this year.  Check! FTW!  Best wine experience of 2009, hands down.

3.) Get Matt up to Calaveras County.  Sadly, I failed.  I got back up there before the Wine Blogger Conference this year, but it just didn’t work with our CA travel plans this past year.  There’s always 2010!

4.) Drink through some of the wines I’ve been hoarding.  I pretty much failed at this too.  With a gigantic and unexpected uptick in samples coming in this year, I didn’t drink much of my wine at all (though I kept buying it at the same rate, with the result being that my 900 square foot basement is alarmingly overflowing with wine…).

So what about 2010?

1.) Get to know Portuguese wines.  I’m headed to Portugal in a week or so which will kick start this goal.  The challenge will be finding Portuguese wines here…I don’t see many in the stores.

2.) Read more wine books.  Yes, I realize this was a goal in 2008.  I did really well at it that year…and fell totally off the wagon in 2009, so I’m setting it again for 2010!

3.) Drink more bubbly.  I started to drink more at the end of this year, but I really want to get to know more sparkling wines.

4.) Report more frequently on the restaurants we visit.  We actually eat out a fair bit and I rarely, if ever, talk about the restaurants, the wine lists, and the wine service.  I’d like to start doing so.

I think that’s enough.  Especially since I only had a 50% success rate last year, I don’t want to set myself up for too much failure this year. 🙂  Cheers, and let me know what your wine goals are for 2010!


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  1. Good call on the bubbles and getting yourself back on track with wine reading.

    Here’s my personal list this year:


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