What’s On Your Wine Reading List?

Since my goal is to read more wine books this year, I’d love to hear what’s topping your list these days!

Left on my shelves at the moment:

Drink This

Noble Rot

The Botanist and the Vintner

Beard on Food (ok, not really wine, but food…)

Among what I’ve already read: (Some I’ve written about, some I haven’t…)

A Vineyard in Tuscany

Judgment of Paris

Extremely Pale Rose

Passion on the Vine

Seasons Among the Vines

The Billionaire’s Vinegar

The Widow Cliquot

Vino Italiano

Bacchus and Me

Red White and Drunk All Over

The Accidental Connoisseur

Adventures on the Wine Route

So tell me winos, what’s on your winter reading list?


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  1. Wine & War

    Thomas Jefferson on Wine

    The Simple Art of Marrying Food and Wine

    I’m aiming at a book (or 2) a month….need to read more!


  2. A Life Uncorked – Hugh Johnson.

    Happy New Year!

  3. I’d love to finally get to The Billionaire’s Vinegar. You have a really nice list of books.

  4. Finishing Bill Buford’s “Heat” right now (I have to split my time between food and wine books), then going on to Natalie McLean’s “Red, White, and Drunk All Over”. After those, likely textbook material for WSET, CWE, or Court of Master Sommeliers…

  5. Good list! I loved Red, White and Drunk All Over, Bacchus and Me, The Accidental Connoisseur, and Judgment of Paris.

    I’ve been reading a bunch of foodie books lately, which I also love, but for wine books to read this year, my list so far is:

    Been Doon So Long, Randall Grahm

    Adventures on the Wine Route, Kermit Lynch

    I really need to expand that. There are others on your list I wasn’t aware of before, but will definitely check out!

  6. Working my way through Billionaire’s Vinegar at the moment. I had a high recommendation for Widow Clicquot from a colleague who is not a wine guy but thought the story was fascinating.

    I find most of my wine books tend to be more reference-oriented, but maybe that’s because of my teach-people-about-wine inclination. 🙂

    Also on my list is Kladstrups’ Champagne.

  7. Thanks for the suggestions all! Lots of great wine books out there for sure, I’ll never be short on reading material.

    Happy New Year to you too VinoGirl, good to see you ’round these part again!

  8. I’m currently working on Been Doon So Long and will be starting on Windows on the World by Kevin Zraly after that. I also plan on reading The Judgment of Paris and Thomas Jefferson on Wine in the next couple of months. I just finished Real Wine by Patrick Matthews, which I really enjoyed.

  9. Until February the WSET Advanced Course text book. Afterwards I have a copy of:

    Reflections of a Wine Merchant, Neal Rosenthal
    Adventures on the Wine Route, Kermit Lynch
    Stirred but not Shaken: The Autobiography, Keith Floyd

    I am particularly looking forward to the one!

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