Hi Ho. Hi Ho. It’s Off to Portugal We Go.

As you may know, I was scheduled to go to Portugal with Jo last year.  Sadly for me, but happily for Art Predator, I was unable to make the trip.  However, being ever so kind, Enoforum Wines extended an invitation to me to claim my prize at any time in 2010!

It worked out to visit VERY early in 2010 and off I go to Portugal on January 9. Sadly, Matt will not be able to come with me, but one of my very best friends will be traveling and staying with me for the trip.  We’re off for a grand adventure and I can’t wait to report back here about all that’s going on in the Alentejo region.  I don’t have a lot of experience with Portuguese wines, but as one of my wine goals for 2010 is to get to know Portuguese wines, this trip should be a FABULOUS introduction.

I don’t know how much, if at all, I’ll be able to report live, but I promise to do my best.  My travel companion has also agreed to write up her thoughts by guest posting here on ye olde wine blog, which I think will be great as it will give you a real consumer perspective on the wineries and wines! Off to Portugal we go…my first ever visit to a European wine region.

*Disclaimer: My flight, meals, and hotel will be provided by Enoforum Wines as my prize for winning Jo’s Why I Want to Go to Portugal Contest.